About Us

We can view the foundation of Neurodiab as a response to some needs that had emerged in the field of diabetic neuropathy: to address the challenge of advancement in knowledge and research results, to allow for the exchange and discussion between researchers and the translation of results from basic to the clinical field, and to facilitate debate between peers from Europe and beyond.

The idea of a study group on diabetic neuropathy of EASD grew among John Ward, Guido Menzinger, and Arnold Gries in Versailles at the end of 1989 during a meeting on diabetic neuropathy hosted by Jean-Raymond Attali

NEURODIAB aims to promote:

  • advance of knowledge on all aspects of diabetic neuropathy
  • active cooperation between interested diabetologists
  • involvement of specialists such as cardiologists, pneumologists, neurologists, neurophysiologists, urologists, nephrologists, gastroenterologists, ophtalmologists, physiotherapists
  • appropriate surveys and clinical trials
  • guidelines on most relevant aspects of diabetic neuropathies and related areas