1. The Study Group is called the EUROPEAN DIABETIC NEUROPATHY STUDY GROUP, hereinafter referred to as the NEURODIAB.
  2. The NEURODIAB shall be a Study Group of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, hereinafter referred to as the EASD.
  3. The aim of the Study Group is to further research and education in diabetic neuropathy through an active co-operation between interested diabetologists and other specialists such as neurologists, neurophysiologists, urologists, gastroenterologists, etc. In pursuit of this aim it will also encourage appropriate surveys and clinical trials.
  4. Membership of the NEURODIAB shall be open to all members of the EASD and such other persons as the committee of the NEURODIAB consider eligible. Officers of the NEURODIAB Executive Committee are valid members of EASD.
  5. With the exception of members who are not members of the EASD, all members may be nominated for any office of the NEURODIAB.
  6. The membership fee (if any) of the NEURODIAB shall be an amount as determined by its Annual Meeting.
  7. Administration of the NEURODIAB shall be in the hands of the NEURODIAB Committee: this Committee should consist of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Treasurer and a Secretary as a minimum structure.
  8. An Annual Report of the Study Group activities shall be compiled and sent to the Executive Committee of EASD.
  9. The finances of the Study Group shall be managed at the discretion of the Committee in pursuit of the aims of the Study Group (para. 3 above). Proper books of account shall be kept by the NEURODIAB Treasurer.
  10. Should the Study Group wish to engage in publication involving guidelines or statements, the EASD Panel for Overseeing Guidelines and Statements must be contacted beforehand.
  11. The group may cease to be the NEURODIAB Study Group of the EASD either by a decision at the Annual Meeting of the NEURODIAB, or by a decision of the Executive Committee of the EASD.
  12. In the event of the GROUP being dissolved, all surpluses, debts and liabilities shall be discharged to a charitable diabetes account after agreement from the EASD executive.