Meetings and Documents

List of NEURODIAB meetings from 1991 to 2016:

Year Place Local Organizers
1991 Cork, Ireland CH Walsh
1992 Bratislava, Slovakia B Krahulec
1993 Istanbul, Turkey G Menzinger
1994 Dusseldorf, Germany FA Gries
1995 Stockholm, Sweden G Sundkvist
1996 Baden, Austria D Ziegler
1997 Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands WH Gispen
1998 Sitges, Spain D Tomlinson, A Odriozola
1999 Maastricht, Netherlands B Bravenboer
2000 Fiuggi, Italy G Menzinger, L Uccioli
2001 Aberdeen, UK M Cotter, N Cameron
2002 Balatonfured, Hungary P Kempler, E Kádár, Z Hermányi
2003 St Malo, France P Valensi
2004 Regensburg, Germany S Morbach
2005 Porto Heli, Greece I Migdalis
2006 Ystad, Sweden G Sundkvist
2007 Utrecht, Netherlands G-J Biessels, PS van Dam
2008 Orvieto, Italy V Spallone, S Frontoni
2009 Toronto, Canada V Bril, S Tesfaye
2010 Stockholm, Sweden J Wahren, K Ekberg, A Kallas, T Brismar, H Andersen
2011 Porto, Portugal I Tavares, C Morgado, JL Medina, JC Lopes
2012 Dresden, Germany D Ziegler
2013 Castelldefels, Spain A Odriozola
2014 Sopron, Hungary P Kempler
2015 Elsinore, Denmark (to see commemorative slides click here) H Andersen, JK Jakobsen, J Hilsted
2016 Bucharest, Romania (for more details click here)  Rodica Pop-Busui, Norina Gavan


REVIEW ARTICLE: Diabetic Neuropathies: Update on Definitions, Diagnostic Criteria, Estimation of Severity, and Treatments.

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Diabetic Neuropathy: A Position Statement by the American Diabetes Association.

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NEW! Lifetime Achievement Award to Mary Cotter and Norman Cameron by Vincenza Spallone (27° Annual meeting of NEURODIAB 9-11 September 2017, Portugal)