Dear Friends and Colleagues,

While writing these sentence during Easter holidays, we are facing a lot of uncertainties due to the corona virus disease. Some of us have to work harder than ever before due to the pandemic, while others need to stay home in quarantine due to age restrictions. It is also clear that scientific contributions are not in the foreground right now. Nonetheless, I believe that enough registrations and abstracts will arrive this year as well.

NEURODIAB will be organized for the third time in Hungary: the meeting in 2002 took place in Balatonfüred and the 2014 meeting in Sopron. This year, the meeting is planned to be organized, for the first time, in Budapest. The congress venue will be the Hilton Hotel in the Buda Castle. I still wonder how it was possible to build a new hotel 40 years ago, in the historical centre of the capital, right next to the Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion.

During the congress, all meals will be provided for you and all programs will be organized within a 100 meters from the hotel – if the virus does not interfere with it.

Welcome to the 30th congress of NEURODIAB, and welcome to Budapest!


Prof. Peter Kempler

Chairman of NEURODIAB and the local Organizing Committee