Why DIABETIC NEUROPATHY should be relevant for you:

  • neuropathic symptoms are often severe and have a major impact on the quality of life of diabetic patients
  • once believed as a specific neurologic problem, is now obvious that diabetic neuropathy predisposes to or accelerates the progression of all other diabetic complications (cardiovascular, foot, retinal, renal, gastrointestinal)
  • therefore, advances in prevention or treatment of diabetic neuropathy means prevention of diabetic complications
  • consequences:
    – improved quality of life of diabetic patients
    – dramatic reduction in worldwide health care costs


You have very good reasons to become a NEURODIAB member:

  • The format of the meeting is designed to favour a friendly and collaborative athmosphere, due to the relatively small number of attendees (150-250 expected each year), and lots of scientific but also prearranged social sections.
  • Registration fee, including accomodation and meals, is lower for members.
  • As a young researcher or a newcomer in the field, you can easily meet and spend time with senior scientists and have advices for your research, career, collaborations, participate to grant applications, and ultimately refine and exploit your research ideas.
  • Presenting and discussing your data at the NEURODIAB might allow to refine your presentation skills and might ultimately help you to get your papers published.


How to become a NEURODIAB member:

To become a member of NEURODIAB it is sufficient to:
1) be presenting author at a least two NEURODIAB meetings
2) be presented to the Executive Committee by two active members